Chaos The Battle of Wizards on the ZX Spectrum

Can I play with madness? How about some Chaos?

This week we look at Julian Gollop’s massive Sinclair hit, the same guy that brought us Rebelstar, Laser Squad (which we enjoyed on the Amiga) and X-Com. Some would say he was the king of turn-based type games. Does Chaos live up to our memories?

Would we rather play D&D or any other Games Workshop table top game?
Do you remember playing this one? Did it ever come out on the Commodore 64?

Want to play Chaos Reborn? Click here to play in your browser You can also find Chaos Reborn on Steam

If you want to play the original with a friend who isn’t close enough to cozy on up to your Speccy, try Stephen Smith’s play by email version:

Follow Stephen on Twitter: @stephencsmith

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